Seven per cent of UK internet users aged 16-64 cite dating as an important motivation for going online.

Although the internet is growing in popularity for dating, there are number of other organisations in the city which have launched for people to find friendship and relationships.

But it isn't only safety concerns that Andrew sees as a problem with online dating.

Online dating in bristol match com video

Bristol is claimed to be the birthplace of UK speed dating - and the first video based dating app, 'Had me at Hello' was created last year by Redland-based filmmaker, Sam Hume.

But the internet is not all it is cracked up to be when it comes to finding love, according to Andrew and Cathy Haglington, founders of the Bristol Social Group.

But it seems as if many of the city's singletons are keen to become part of a couple, with thousands signing up to dating sites - such as Tinder and Plenty of Fish - to try and find 'the one'.

Over the past decade, online dating sites and apps, have completely revolutionised the singles scene.

BRISTOL is becoming a city of singletons - with more than a third of its population living alone.

Latest census data shows that in the Bristol local authority area there were 61,607 one person households - the equivalent of 34 per cent of the local population.

"When people meet online, often all that they have to identify them is a name and a phone number.

"There are real safety concerns that people seem far too blase about these days," said Andrew.

Recent reports have revealed that crimes involving dating apps have risen sevenfold in just two years and include serious offences such as rape, assault and child exploitation.

The figures have prompted calls for app users to be better educated about the dangers of meeting people online.

It makes them feel that they appear desperate, when often they aren't," said Cathy.