On the pad, match each eyeball symbol from the orange, green, and red lamps to the corresponding number from the orange, red, and green pool balls you noted earlier. Grab all the jars inside and then, using the chemicals in the room, fill and combine them in the following order. Use the same strategy and have those health items ready.

Note that you'll need at least 4 empty inventory slots to perform this operation.

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You'll now have V-Jolt in your inventory, a lethal plant killer. Now, return to Room 003 and enter Plant 42's lair from the hidden bookcase door just beyond.

If executed quickly enough, this will take down Plant 42 almost immediately. Second, he doesn't have the ability to mix chemicals.

To save ammo and bypass the risk of a fight, Jill can instead choose to injure Plant 42 with a toxin called V-Jolt. If you didn't save Richard from poison in the Mansion, this fight is easier.

Each lamp reveals a different eyeball symbol when lit. Then go to the pool table in the Spider Room and note the numbers on the Red, Green, and Orange balls on the table. Head into the fight with a shotgun and as many health items as you can find. Run back to the lab and make V-Jolt as described above. Try to stay away from the very edge of the balcony and holes in the railing to avoid getting knocked off.

Later, when you reach room 003 just before the entrance to Plant 42's lair, you'll see a door with a keypad. Blast the Plant and keep an eye on your health, returning to the upper deck as needed. If you saved Richard, the fight is harder, as Plant 42 has much more HP.

Each service has 30 party line "rooms" that can have up to 8 people each.

Other features include voicemail, personals, and bulletin boards.