Q-Tee, Shore-Tee, Peechee, Dymz, and Savanna are eliminated.Flav also notices that four of the five ladies that were eliminated were online winners. Rayna accused the girls of taking a bottle of her perfume, but she is later seen on the balcony talking to Tik, revealing that she did not really lose anything.At eliminations he calls out all the ladies to come get their clocks except Q-Tee, Shor-Tee, Peechee, Dymz, Savanna, and Things 1&2.

Flavor Flav later calls the ladies down for their nicknames and he is shocked to find twins on the show.

He then holds a mixer to get to know the ladies better.

Flavor of Love (season 3) is the third season of the VH1 reality television series entitled Flavor of Love, in which Flavor Flav brings female contestants into his mansion to compete for his love.

The third season premiered on February 11, 2008, featuring 25 contestants.) The show begins with 21 women waiting outside the mansion.

This caused the other girls to believe that Rayna may only be in the house for camera time.

The challenge was the hospital challenge in which the girls had to impress Flavor Flav with their "nursing" skills.

The three girls were crowned challenge winners and participated in a group date with Flav.

Flavor Flav arrives in his limousine with Big Rick, he then talks to the ladies and tells them that this is the last time he will try to find love.

Flav lets the women go inside the mansion and they trash the place by running, yelling, and breaking things as they try to find their beds.