While you are doing that, you can also enjoy some good food.Lodhi Gardens have provided a quiet place in South Delhi for many years.The peaceful colors and plants in the restaurant add to the silence and if you want to do some work, the free wifi helps.

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They offer free wifi along with some great food and that makes it a great place to check out if you want a peaceful place to get some work done.

Zaffiro by Zara is a small tiny little restaurant in Greater Kailash neighborhood that boasts of Mediterranean and Italian food, free Wi Fi, but more importantly of some much needed peace and quiet.

Thankfully there are some good places in and around Delhi to get some much needed peace and quiet.

Another quiet little café can be found in Defense Colony in South Delhi.

Like most other metros, Delhi too has become very crowded and noisy.

If you stay in such an environment for a long time, without hearing the sound of silence, it can get very stressful.

When is the last time you lay down on the grass and stared at the stars? If you need some guidance, you can download apps like Star Tracker.

Grab a blanket and try to find your favorite constellations.

Next door to the Moon River shop, that contains an eclectic mix of souvenirs, is the Café Moon River.

It is another peaceful place to hide when the noise starts to get to you.

You can enjoy the nature or the historic tombs and other buildings.