At this point you'll want to have the two translators reconcile the differences.3.Pretest the items: Administer the newly translated and refined items to a small sample (5-20 people) as you would with a typical set of participants.

process of validating a questionnaire-23

An effective questionnaire is one that has been psychometrically validated.

This primarily means the items are reliable (consistent) and valid (measuring what we intend to measure).

Here are four steps to take to get your questionnaire ready for a different language than it was written in.1.

Translate the questionnaire into the target language: Ideally you can have more than one person do the translating but it's not essential.

While Google's translation is a quick tool to get the gist of text in a foreign language, don't rely on it for translating.

Below are the SUPR-Q items originally written in English and translated into French, along with the anchor labels to the response options for most of the items (strongly disagree to strongly agree).2.

Unlike a typical administration, however, ask the participants of this study to comment on the items.

So if we say a questionnaire measures perceptions of website usability, it should be able to differentiate between usable and unusable websites and do so consistently over time.

With websites and software products that have an international reach, a substantial part of the user base likely doesn't speak English, or speaks English as a second language.