My health counts down correctly yet the bar does not empty until the health value reaches 0.

I was wondering what I need to do to have the progress bar update correctly and show a decrease correctly.

I also setup a regen and when the health bar is empty it refills at rate equal to my delay.

progress bar not updating-40progress bar not updating-53progress bar not updating-8

I don't know where it can't get the value and properly convert since this function is supposed to return any value in percentage.

After a second thought, the function expects a variable to be presented in percentage so it goes directly into the bar.

When I press the button assigned to simulate health loss the bar does not update until it is empty.

I set up text blocks to show the health as text just like the ammo setup.

The correct way to do this is use any valor you need and then divide by 100 befor feeding the variable into the function.

There's no need to go back and change values in the character, but update the value when it reaches HUD's bar.

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I have followed the UMG tutorial and generated a hud.

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If you get a value that can go above or below 0..1 after being divided by 100, there's a function called CLAMP: Input the minimun and maximum value expected for a neat limiter.