And Im going to savor the feeling of no longer being an AT&T customer. I was able to kick them in the groin on my way out the door by canceling their service via another service that is sure to piss them off.Today “Liberal Republican” is an oxymoron, but in the 70s and the 80s, they did exist, Nelson Rockefeller was their leader.

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The picture appeared in newspaper across the nation, the public opinion was divided: some criticizing it as a crude gesture, but others admitting that it was nice to see politician who wasn’t afraid to show just what he really meant. It was major headline news and focused the nations attention on the dangers of breast cancer.

Then when California’s former two-term governor Ronald Reagan announced that he would be a candidate for the Republican nomination, Ford had to appease the conservatives, and replace Rockefeller was replaced on the ticket with Senator Robert Dole of Kansas.

Over the past few years, I’ve been pretty vocal with my distaste for AT&T. Thanks to the new awesome number porting feature that Google Voice is now testing, I was able to cancel my AT&T service tonight — without having to talk to a soul at AT&T.

Their complete and total incompetence when it comes to handling the i Phone in major metropolitan areas (or really any mildly crowded area) was only matched by a few of the colossal fuck-ups they’ve had with regard to some of my bills over the years. I just completed the process which took less than five minutes.

After Nixon’s resignation Gerald Ford was sworn in as President. Knowing that he would not be the nominee for president in 1976, Rockefeller relaxed and enjoyed his duties as vice president.

This attitude was caught on camera, above in Binghamton, NY.; A heckler was shouting insults and Rockefeller leaned over the podium and gave him the finger. Rockefeller had been diagnosed with cancer and had to have mastectomies.

Elected four times as governor and one of America’s wealthiest politicians, Rockefeller resigned in 1973 to devote all of his time to a potential presidential run in 1976. Agnew resigned in disgrace after pleading guilty to not paying taxes, Rockefeller called Nixon and asked for the vice presidency.

Nixon decided instead to appoint House Minority Leader and Michigan congressman Gerald Ford.

You see, when you port an existing number over to Google Voice, it will proceed to cancel the carrier contract that is tied to that number. Of course, I had been planning on dumping AT&T just as soon as the Verizon i Phone was available.

Google is very good about warning you that this will happen — they make you check something like six checkboxes just to make sure you really, want to do this. But for now, I’ll make do with a back-up phone we have laying around the office. First of all, if your contract isn’t up, your carrier is going to charge you an early termination fee (ETF) on top of the Google charges you for the porting.

It was a rally for Dole in Binghamton that Rockefeller hold up his middle finger with ‘sneering, Satanic expression’.