We will continue to put our best efforts forward in putting an end to sexual violence.Pour le service en Français fourni par les professionnels de la santé non réglementés, s’il vous plaît contactez Oasis des Femmes a (416) 591-6565 ou veuillez rejoindre la ligne de soutien pour les femmes à 1 8.We are proud to announce that we have been awarded an Accreditation Primer Award.

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During Hope’s non-business hours, Spectra’s trained volunteers will be providing crisis line support.

During Hope’s operating hours, regulated health professionals will continue to respond to the crisis line.

Back to top Yes, the people know about the cameras. Back to top You can choose any apartment, click on the cameras to change the view and watch the residents live their lives.

Services in French are offered/available at Hope 24/7 through an interpreter.

Hope 24/7 is pleased to announce a partnership with Spectra Helpline.

Who are the people I see on the website and what is the scenario they are living? Back to top People you see online are not actors, they are real people living their routine lives in apartments equipped with video cameras. How to upgrade from Standard to the Premium membership? I looked through all the cameras but saw no one in the apartment How can I cancel my membership/subscription? Real Life Cam is a unique website where you have the chance to observe the private life of other people in live round-the-clock.Les services en français sont offerts à Hope 24/7 à l’aide d’un interprète.-This reads ‘For services in French provided by non-regulated health professionals, please contact Oasis des Femmes at (number) or contact their crisis line (number). What is the difference between Standard and Premium Memberships?There are no scenarios, no operators, video editing or censorship just life as it is 24/7.