Soon after William patented land in what is now Prince William County, a George and a Robert Foster took up land nearby. They had no children, and as noted above, the estate went to Redmond's nephew, James H. During the 2nd Bull Run battle, the manor house served as a hospital, and many soldiers from both sides are buried in the yard. Their children: -- JAMES FOSTER, 1805-1859 MARY ANN ISAAC THOMAS JONE, 1809 ELIZABETH, 1811 - CORNELIUS JR. Since William named sons George and Robert, along with other events, strongly indicates a close family relationship. FELIX GRUNDY and REDMOND GRIGSBY, twins, 1814 WILLIAM HENRY, 1817 1885, who married his cousin MARY MILDRED FOSTER, bottom family, pg. 1830, daughter of James Robert Foster and Elizabeth Fairfax.), 7th child of JAMES & ELIZABETH (GRIGSBY) FOSTER, was born and grew to adulthood in P. Co., Va., where he met and married ANNA RUTH CUNDIFF, Dec.

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If the settler were married he would get an additional 50.

Some of the land grants held as little as 1,000 acres, but the Culpeper grant included almost one third of Virginia Colony. .2 July 1764, Robert Foster planter of County of Prince William and Sarah his wife and James Douglass merchant...146 4s.

Later, economical and political unrest in England sent a flood of newcomers into the colony, many with money and family connections.

In addition to the large land grants, the Crown would give 100 acres of land to any settler.

The few Indians among all those chiefs were saddled with that stupidity of all stupidities communal property. By 1649 there were only 20,000 settlers in Virginia, so those in power decided to make settlement more inviting.

They removed the communal property idea, then offered large grants of land to each man who would settle families on this land. 8) Children:-- FOSTER, 1850 ELIZABETH FAIRCHILD, 1852-1928 GRANVILLE, 1854-1922 WILLIAM H., 1856-1909 LENA, 1858-1862 THOMAS R., 1862-1932 JOHN SMITH, 1865-1920 MARY L., 1870-1920. Since the 155-page 1970 version of Seedlings, this history has grown to the present version. In 1848, his uncle, REDMOND FOSTER willed him the Foston Estate with the proviso James change his name to REDMOND. I dont know when he sold Foston, but in 1914 it was owned by Elias Woodyear. During those nine years, much time and money have gone into enlarging, correcting and gathering more material. last child of JAMES & ELIZABETH (FAIRFAX) FOSTER, was born in Prince William Co., Va., where he lived out his life. James took possession of the estate on the death of his aunt. 520, Jane lent Moor Green to James during his lifetime, with the strict instructions for its use, including cutting trees. 17, 1913, reads:--This is my Will writing with my own hand, just as I want it. child of JAMES & ELIZABETH (GRIGSBY) FOSTER, inherited the last portion of William, the Elder's large holdings. He was very wealthy and married rather late in life, MARGARET WILLIAMS, Nov. The wedding day was chilly and rain bound, and Redmond was taking his ease before a roaring fire, when a messenger arrived from Brentsville. Clearly, our Foster clan dogged the tails of the vanguard settlers, and they came to this new, raw land with the idea of making if their permanent homes. for 3 tracts, 150 acres held by deed of gift from my father William Foster Senr 23 April 1744, also parcel which I bought of my brother Isaac Foster 150 acres deed of feoffment , and parcel which I bought of Morriss Bevins 100 acres 8 June 1756. In fact, so much time has been spent on the project, my wife, Marie often remarks jokingly, I hope, If you had of spent as much time studying during working days, we wouldnt have to worry so much about todays grocery bills., the Elder, is as far back as I have found family records. Till that time, James spent his life on Moor Green, the estate Jane had inherited from her brother. James and Jane had no children and each disposed of their own property. After James (Redmond II) death, Moor Green went to Janes niece in Kentucky. The wedding party was waiting, and when Redmond suggested putting off the wedding till a more pleasant day, the messenger was quite put out. 10, 1822.", last child of JAMES & ELIZABETH (GRIGSBY) FOSTER, was born and grew to manhood in Prince William Co., Va. They moved to Kentucky, where they had at least one child: -- THOMAS REDMOND. abt 1748(this is NOT William Peyton Foster who married Sallie Slade and Sarah Hart) was born and grew to manhood on the Broadrun estate. At Robert's death William inherited 150 acres of land, where their children were born. 10, 1806, William & Mary sold their land to brother, James' widow. However, a Robert Foster patented land in old Northumberland Co., Virginia, 1652, where Williams children were born. Moor Green Manor is still standing and is a tourist attraction in P. "Miss Margaret would not be ready on the "first fair day." The wedding party was waiting, and it was, "today or never.""Redmond and Margaret lived out their lives on Foston and are buried there in unmarked graves. During the Civil War "Aunt Maggie" cared for the poorer families, whose men were serving in the Confederate Army. 316, Prince William Co., Va.)" child of JAMES & ELIZABETH (GRIGSBY) FOSTER, was born in Prince William Co., Va., where she met and married CORNELIUS T. They moved to the South Carolina land Susanna had inherited from her father, where their children were born. (as noted earlier, Silas was cut off in his mothers will, with , for reasons known to him. A few months later, William, Mary and sons, Matthew and Aaron, and Foster Leachman, who is thought to have been an unmentioned son of Thomas below, went to Abbeyville District, South Carolina.