see more ยป Dive into the unfettered beauty of Idaho, where endless wilderness means unlimited fun.Bound into nature exploration starting at the magnificent Idaho Falls Greenbelt, with a six mile long paved trail along both sides of the Snake River.

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If your kids are interested in a piece of intriguing history, take them to the Nez Perce Trail, where Lewis and Clark once left their footprints hiking throughout Idaho.

If your child enjoys hopping on a train, a wide array of railways dating back to the mid-1800s will be sure to fascinate as well.

After your family hikes or bikes around the scenic paths, take a ride up to the 20 foot waterfall.

Grab your suit and swim around the abundant hot springs, where your family can also set up camp.

Gentler rides are available for children under 48 inches tall, and other opportunities like outdoor music performances make for good family fun.

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