There are eighty-bajillion spanking blogs out there, and 99% are written by someone who is "out" as a spanko...

The all access main rooms have no dress code and are a straight up electronic dance party of Dionysian proportion, complete with performers, killer DJ lineups and much much more. If anyone is engaged in naughty play, do not interfere with their hotness unless all parties involved specifically and verbally worked it out ahead of time!

Enter the throng of hundreds of pervy partiers, dance your pants off (literally, if you wish) and lose your mind. Wear as crazy (or non-existant) of a fetish outfit as you wish and get set for naughty times beyond belief! #1 Rule : Absolutely NO UNINVITED INAPPROPRIATE TOUCHING. Do not invade the space of anyone engaged in kink play. Feel free to ask, but if it's a no, please move on! DOORS AT 10 TRUE devilish deviants get there early for maximum pleasure!

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ALL ACCESS, NO DRESS CODE, CASUAL, & FETISH ATTIRE ONLY ZONES SPANK is divided into many rooms with a crazy sexy selection of naughty vibes going on.

If you want to come casual, there is a HUGE party waiting for you! A FEW WORDS ABOUT KINK PLAY The ENTIRE event is a kink-positive space so feel free to get your kink on with a willing partner wherever the mood takes you. Feel free to ask anyone anything, but be respectful, and make sure to give or take NO as an answer gracefully. If anyone is crossing a line or not being respectful, please bring it up immediately with staff security, who will handle it anonymously and quickly. If you have any further questions about the dress code, SAFETY Health Initiative for Men (HIM) Wheelchair accessible washroom Keep your mind and body safe 19+ event No uninvited inappropriate touching or play.

THIS PARTY IS FOR EVERYONE WHO LIKES IT WILD, NAUGHTY, AND A LITTLE BIT CRAZY! and want to partayyyyyy - come as dressed down or as dressed up as you want but be prepared to START GLAMOUROUS and END TRASHY SUGGESTED FETISH ATTIRE : Harnesses, leather, rubber, perverted fetish fantasy, glitterslut, genderfuck, drag diva, ponies, puppies, fetish goth, fetish cyber, medical fetish, corsets, waist cinchers, chains, chaps, fishnets, body stockings, fancy lingerie, sexy jocks ...

GLBTQ, straight, and everything in between welcome, if you want to play, we welcome you to drop your inhibitions and come get freaky with us in the giant SPANK playground!

Spread the word, invite friends, share this event, and BRACE YOURSELVES SISTERS & BROTHERS, because this party is set to destroy your inhibitions, feet, hearts and minds, all in the best way possible!

COME ON OUT and be part of a crossover mindfuck of a party where we escalate and redefine what is possible at electronic dance parties and kink events alike. note that jeans & topless will NOT get you entry to the Play Lounge, but jeans & harness is AWESOME, PERMITTED & HOT.

SUGGESTED & ENCOURAGED PARTY OUTFITS : - juicy jocks / glamourous twinks - bitchy & beautfiful diva drag queens & kings - lipstick lesbians / butch dykes - cross dressers of every glorious description - new wave / 80's goth / punk / mod / new romantic - 90's raver / electric circus / Much Music wannabes - fashion plates / thrift shoppers / couture / DIY fashion - burner / steampunk / desert warrior / kaleidoscope kid - art freaks & creative minds who just D.

Tickets : advance / more at the door (if available) ABOUT SPANK SPANK is an underground pan-sexual multi-room party loaded with all the music, bass, art & magic you can handle!

All electronic lose-your-mind-to-the-beat music, all night. A massive coalition of music, art & kink afficianados, attendees & DJs from all corners of the underground scenes of the city, united for one night of sweat, fun, pleasure & pain.