If this infographic has inspired you to improve your texting skills, don’t miss our article on How to Text a Girl You Like (Without Her Losing Interest). Women will lose interest in you after: 5 days if you don’t contact her 2 days if she’s a hot babe You’re probably wondering how the hell we distinguished the hot babes from our survey? We did this by cross tabulating the results to put the girls who go out more and have more men pursuing them under the microscope.

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When we cross tabulated each age group we discovered women’s top first date activities (other than eating and drinking): 18-21: Cinema 22-25: Aquarium / Zoo 26-28: Bowling I recommend you combine one of the above with drinks or a meal afterwards.

Sure, some girls prefer Facebook, and there’s never any sure fire way of knowing what she likes best, but don’t lay the options on the table and ask her to choose because you’ll sound needy and insecure. When we look at how long it takes men to first get in touch and when women want men to get in touch, the results are surprisingly similar: Because 89% of women said they prefer to be contacted within 48 hours and only 6% think the 3 day rule is cool, I’m sure you can guess what we’re going to say next… This video course by Richard La Ruina will teach you rejection proof ways to approach and seduce girls.

Wasn’t it exciting to discover the main reasons women flake on the first date?

We LOVE the fact that Aquarium / Zoo made the top 5 first date activities: #1 Coffee #2 Dinner #3 Drinks at a Bar #4 Aquarium / Zoo #5 Cinema When I lived in Beijing, taking girls to the zoo was always my favourite date activity and they loved it too!

The part that went down the best was seeing the pandas and the dolphin show 😉 After you spend a day out at the zoo, followed by a meal, girls will feel like they’ve known you forever, plus the animals give you so much to talk about you’ll never be stuck for conversation.

The results also revealed what male texting habits make women flake on the first date and women’s favourite first date locations based on age group. Our survey of 100 single women found that 89% want to be contacted within 48 hours and a hot babe will lose interest in you if you don’t text her within 2 days.We were not surprised that 60% of women flake on the first date because of needy texts from men. We shared a bunch of examples in our post: 21 mistakes men make texting girls, but here’s a few bite sized examples of what needy behavior looks like when you’re texting women: Here’s a reminder of the main habits that make women flake on the first date: 60% – Desperate & Needy 44% – Talking Dirty 24% – Reveal Jealous Traits 24% – Not Funny Anymore 10% – Try to Fix the Date Too Soon One of the above 5 deserves a special mention because it’s something countless guys are jealous of and really gives the lads a bad name: Revealing Jealous Traits – guilt tripping her for not texting you back, cancelling a date or being jealous about her partying with male friends are all classic examples.You must never, ever, EVER go down the jealous route. So guys, listen up, because you’ve got to get better at texting women.SEE ALSO: 21 Shocking Mistakes Men Make When Texting Girls Take a look at the infographic below to see more results from the survey.