If comfort is more your thing, the Delano has a somehow flawless meets the 1990s backyard and pool area that must be visited and worshiped.A few doors down at the 50s throwback Raleigh Hotel, you'll spend a fortune on a cocktail and physically drool over its iconic, 70-year-old baroque pool where Esther Williams once did laps. Grab a foolishly strong, freezing Call a Cab from Wet Willie's while wearing only your bikini or Speedo, because So Be has probably the best swimming beach in the country, and everything feels better drunk.

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The water is never not warm, and there are relatively not repulsive bathrooms where you can change your clothes and mind-set from day to night drinking.

Wynwood As of last year, the Wynwood Arts District has become a place where dads from Brazil in sneakers that cost more than you have in your savings account take i Phone photos of their tanned teens modeling in front of a Shepard Fairey mural.

It has some of the best preserved examples of Art Deco architecture in the world.

If you want an Ibiza day party, Nikki Beach has overpriced mojito pitchers with sugar cane stirrers and white beds with curtains on the sand.

In an effort to fit in with the rest of the bearded nation, new breweries are popping up like weeds in this old warehouse district (more on that in the Where to Drink section).

Miami is not red, white, and blue through and through. Hispanic residents make up 66 percent of the city, and 18 percent of Miamians are black.

Miami has more colors—and not just the aqua waves or pink- and green-painted buildings silhouetted against purple and orange sunsets. It has the particular smells, flavors and sounds of Haiti, Trinidad, Argentina, Cuba, and Brazil. It's underdeveloped, but it's making up for that with every passing minute. Miami Beach Arriving in Miami Beach is like stepping on set for a movie about Miami. Cigarette boats fly down Biscayne Bay, bags of cocaine cramming their guts.

That would be at the Wynwood Walls, a public space that celebrates street art with murals by artists like Ron English and Kenny Scharf.

What was once an area that had a spattering of quality local galleries is now an all-out graffitied tourist trap.

It's silly and ridiculous, helpless against swarming developers and rising ocean levels. Isolated by swamp and sea, it's wild like Mowgli or an experiment left too long in a petri dish. Big brown butts bounce to Calvin Harris in the flashing lights of LIV.

Drag queens do splits on the sidewalk around noon while you cheer them along over your omelet. Miami Beach is weird and dirty, but it's also otherworldly and glamorous.