During the drive, Trevor explains that Floyd and Debra have "disappeared" and will probably not return.

Trevor and Wade arrive at the Vanilla Unicorn, where Trevor instructs several of the strippers to take care of Wade.

Trevor's mood changes suddenly, and he begs Debra and Floyd to accept him for who he is. She tells Floyd that "Bob" (presumably Debra's lover) was right about Floyd. Trevor gets angry and comments "You people are not very fucking nice! Floyd and Debra are then killed off-screen, and the scene shifts to the exterior of the apartment.

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The player is switched to Michael, who is in his mansion in Rockford Hills and in a phone conversation with Lester. I know that's not normal but in this crazy, crazy world, is normal so good, huh?

Lester tells Michael that Trevor has taken over the Vanilla Unicorn.

Michael agrees to meet there to plan the next mission. Some serious corporate gangbanging going on, right?

Inside, he meets Debra, Floyd's girlfriend, who has just returned from a business trip and is completely furious at Trevor's presence in the apartment.

Trevor insults Debra, pushing her into an even greater rage.

Wade arrives and wants to go inside the apartment to see Floyd, but Trevor advises Wade against it.

Instead, he and Wade get in Trevor's vehicle and drive to the Vanilla Unicorn.

Trevor then heads to the office of the club's manager, Leon.

Trevor walks in and tells Leon he's about to "meet his new partner", before closing the door and killing Leon off-screen. Now, look Debra, I love you, and I love you too, Floyd. You can have Mondays through Thursdays, you can have the weekends, alright?

Outside the apartment, he runs into Floyd Hebert who tells Trevor that he can't come in.

Trevor pushes past Floyd and kicks open the apartment door.