ahead of broadcast will have done so, and there’s a hell of a lot to discuss. The nature of the online release means that not everyone watches at the same time, and so it’s tricky to give a structure to these discussions that would otherwise be covered by a live Dwarf Cast.

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Add to this the sexy, cinematic lighting and the tight editing, and what do .

The pace at which the plot advanced was very reminiscent of the glory days, and there was even a traditional slightly low-key coda.

There’s no denying that in terms of the visuals and production values, there is a palpable gulf between Series X and XI.

We knew this would be the case just from the trailers and the set reports, but now that we’ve seen the finished product, just how big is the gulf?

Are we talking Series 2 to III levels of improvement?

Each week, usually on a Friday morning but we’re making an exception for the first one, we’ll summarise what we consider to the five biggest talking points from the episode.We’ll then use your responses to kick off the debate in the forthcoming Live Dwarf Cast, which will follow the Dave broadcast.The centrepiece of this episode is has got to be the street set, but there’s also a plethora of model shots to gawp over.No motion controlled Dwarf for the end credits, sadly, but all manner of Starbug flight sequences and crashes, and plenty of physical action on-set too.No unconnected B- or C-plots, or tangential running jokes; just one story, with a beginning, middle and end, which results in both character and situational gags.It’s not unprecedented in the Dave era, but it’s not common either.