Maybe I'll start having to watch the show regularly again. Lord Wiki says that Baby Thaao was born in Sydney, on 15 December 1945. Allison Sweeney does that let's-promote-eating-disorders reality TV show.

As I've mentioned before, I felt unloved as a child. My parents didn't call me awful names, starve me, or lock me in the closet. I guess I just felt that I was loved out of obligation only. I think Tony Di Mera has died like five times already. No one on avorite Days of our Lives website to catch up on what's been happening.

Anyway, I remember at one point dreaming about Thaao Penghlis. You know that feeling when you're with someone, and you can tell they'd rather be anywhere but with you. But I also have dreams where people give me tons of love. Last night and the night before I dreamed about the same friends. Then in the next night, they were totally loving on me. Anyway, I should probably start talking about Thaao Penghlis. I feel like he's an uncle or something...some long lost family friend.

I just didn't realize he was an Australian with Greek heritage. He's bad, then he's good, then he's bad; but then it ends up it wasn't him. That might have been Andre behind it all, not Tony.

I feel I should write about Tony Di Mera, the same as I write about other soap opera characters....especially since I actually watch the show. I just don't understand the Tony Di Mera storyline. But I guess they're both played by Thaao, so it's okay. That was one of the dumbest soap opera storylines ever.

I knew I had mentioned being shocked, but I didn't know I had gone into such detail. So I think most of my feelings were some kind of delusional self-esteem issue. I sometimes have dreams where people seem to not like me. He's on , the soap opera I've been watching since I was about ten.

Looking back, I'm thinking that there were people out there that were fond of me, and not just because they felt an obligation to love me.

This website explains why I thought Tony had died before. I usually skip over those, unless it's something that really interests me.

Lord Wiki says he got the role because of his dark complexion...despite having a strong Aussie accent. It would be so weird to hear Tony Di Mera talking Australian. I'll name some of the stuff I remember from the storylines...I'm not always quite sure if it was Tony or Andre. I think this is one of the storylines where he was a good guy...kind of cool and sexy. He was a serial killer who framed Roman Brady for a bunch of murders...turned out to be Andre. He made it look like Marlena had killed all these people, but it ended up they were all kidnapped on some weird island place.

Anyway, I'm laughing right now because Lord Wiki also says that Andre had been impersonating Tony for over twenty years.

I wonder how long he was in America before he got work.

I'll definitely mention the first thing on his filmography. It was American, so I guess he didn't start his TV career in Australia. This show was in 1973, so maybe it was around then?