Champion, 26, of Decatur, Georgia, died after being attacked on the band's bus in November 2011 after a football game where the highly-regarded Marching 100 had performed. A one-time Georgia police chief who stepped down after he paralyzed his sleeping ex-wife in an early New Year's Day shooting has been indicted on a charge stemming from the incident.

A grand jury slapped William Mc Collom with a misdemeanor reckless conduct charge after he blasted 58-year-old Margaret (Maggie) Mc Collom with his service weapon.

A teenaged girl accused of collaborating with four others in the brutal 2013 sexual assault of a Florida 16-year-old returned to jail for violating the terms of her pre-trial release, according to authorities in Broward County.

Former Florida Gator and New England Patriots star tight end Aaron Hernandez has been found guilty of the first-degree murder Odin Lloyd, the boyfriend of his fiancee's sister.

He turned himself in to the Fayette County Sheriff's Office. A 73-year-old grandmother from Northern California has been convicted of murder in the shooting death of her third husband - three decades after being acquitted of killing her second husband.

A Placerville jury took less than two hours to return a guilty verdict against Colleen Ann Harris.

The 60-year-old rocker admitted as part of the plea he offered an associate the choice of a car, motorcycle, $153,000 or a house to have the victim "taken out." Rudd then called the former employee and threatened him on the phone. Judge Darold Mc Dade handed down the term for Megan Huntsman, who told police she was too addicted to methamphetamine to care for more children.

Huntsman, 40, pleaded guilty to six counts of murder in February.

Authorities found more than ,000 in Durst's room at the J. Attorney Anthony Cotton wants Morgan Geyser's bail reduced to from 0,000 to a signature bond. He was accused of bartering prescription pills and semiautomatic guns in the shocking murder-for-hire plot thwarted by undercover cops."He wanted to put him out of business so he could get his business," said Nassau County prosecutor Anne Donnelly, explaining that Moschetto's hatred for the doctor stemmed from a "professional dispute." Read more...She said in court papers she wanted to take responsibility in the deaths. Three years have passed since the brutal beating death of a Florida A&M University drum major exposed a culture of hazing within the school's band.The final three former band members charged with manslaughter and felony hazing in the death of Robert Champion will go on trial Monday.Seventy-two-year-old Robert Harris was found dead from a shotgun blast at the couple's home in 2013. Lawyers for jailed millionaire Robert Durst say he wants back more than 1,000 in cash confiscated by New Orleans police.Durst got the money legally and it is neither needed for evidence nor subject to forfeiture, his attorneys claimed. After his arrest, they intercepted a package containing 7,000 that was sent to the hotel for Everette Ward the name Durst used to register at the hotel. The attorney for a 12-year-old Wisconsin girl who is charged with stabbing a classmate to appease the fictional character Slender Man wants a judge to reduce her bail and allow her to be treated for psychotic disorders at a residential treatment center. Anthony Moschetto was described by authorities as a "monster" who sought to rub out a rival Nassau County heart physician.