With its massive size, this dog is intimidating to anyone who tries to act cross with you.

With their frightening bark and brutal bite, this dog will serve as the perfect house guard!

If you need a dog that is incredibly fast, this breed will be perfect for you.

In case an intruder enters the house, you can count on your Bullmastiff as it will use all its strength and block the path of the intruder; the intruder can also be knocked over by your dog.

Perhaps the best thing about this breed is that in the family environment, the dog is very tame and therefore makes a great household pet.

The major benefit of having a pet dog is perhaps the protection it provides to your house.

With their frightening appearance and extremely loyal attitude, below is a list of Top 10 World’s Best Guard and Protection Dog Breeds.

At times, these dogs can be over protective towards the family they belong to, hence the owners might have to choose their company wisely.

The Bullmastiff breed is known for physical vigor, instinct to protect, courage and most importantly, extreme loyalty towards the family or owner.

Along with being powerful and strong, it is essential that appropriate training is provided to this dog.

Also you will need to shower a lot of attention when it comes to this particular breed.

The intruder will be caught in almost no time since the Doberman pinscher is an amazingly fast dog.

They not only provide you with hours and hours of fun and activity, but also act as your security guards to protect you from intruders and thieves.

Dogs are one of the most popular pets in the world.