But Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson had already reached out to America's 45th President, saying, 'I believe passionately in the importance of the US-UK relationship and am confident we can take it forward together.' Muslims across Asia are struggling to come to terms with the news Donald Trump will take office in the White House as it was claimed the result would act as a powerplay for terrorists across the world.

The tram overturned near Sandilands tram stop in Croydon, south London, in torrential rain.

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The Rose Garden address was his first public comment on the dramatic defeat of the Democratic candidate he had thrown huge time and energy into campaigning for.

He used it to praise the orderly transition which had come between George W Bush's eight years and his own and said that would be a model for how he and his staff would behave.

President Obama said he was rooting for the new president and said the entire American people should.

He spoke at the White House where President-elect Trump is expected tomorrow.

The driver, 42, from Beckenham, was later arrested on suspicion of manslaughter.

One passenger said the vehicle seemed to speed up when the driver appeared to fall asleep, another said they believed he had 'blacked out'.Investigators said the tram was travelling at a 'significantly higher speed than is permitted'.And he joked about a video that he recorded before the result and released last night, saying that the 'sun would come up'.But as he spoke his staff (right) wept openly at the outcome.At least seven people have died while more than 50 were taken to hospital.Witnesses said the vehicle was coming down a bend on a steep slope and 'carried on down the hill rather than turning'.