“Mark came out to South Africa when he could, we’d talk all the time on the phone and on Face Time. “But we don’t need to tell the world the ins and outs of what we were doing while I was away.

Prince Harry has issued an unprecedented public statement about his new girlfriend, Meghan Markle, raging against "racist and sexist" social media trolls and accusing the media of "crossing a line" in reporting their relationship.

The Queen has been praised for helping to set Anglo-Irish relations on a firmer footing as she unveiled a stunning portrait of herself commissioned to mark the work of a charity promoting reconciliation in Northern Ireland.

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The actress said: "A lot of the time I don't read it otherwise it'll send me loopy!

Speaking about the couple, Louise Minchin asked: “I suppose in some ways they were the first so called celebrity couple weren't they?

” Clearly not clued up on football trivia, Keegan claimed the sport wasn’t a big deal in the 1960s.

“Back in the sixties people didn’t really know anything about football,” she said.

“It wasn't really a major sport back then.” Her comments didn’t sit well with viewers who were quick to mock her claim on Twitter.

" “I find it frustrating people are constantly speculating about my marriage," she said.“I think we should celebrate the fact that, alright, yeah, I did get married, but I can work as well. Michelle Keegan was mocked online by BBC Breakfast viewers after she appeared to forget about England’s World Cup victory in 1966.Keegan was on the show to promote her new BBC series, Our Girl, but also touched upon her role in an upcoming drama about footballer Bobby Moore and his relationship with wife Tina.One user wrote: “Michelle Keegan on @BBCBreakfast: ‘In the 60's, they weren't that bothered about football’. I seem to recall us winning a World Cup.” Another tweeted: “Michelle Keegan just said on BBC Breakfast that football wasn't big in the 1960's.She's playing Bobby Moore's wife in an upcoming TV show (sic).” A third wrote: "'Back in the sixties, football wasn't a major sport.' Michelle Keegan being a bit of a d****** on #bbcbreakfast. " Keegan also addressed the rumours that her marriage to Mark Wright is on the rocks.