determine the number of dummy interfaces that you require.

updating cisco bootstrap-74

install Ubuntu 14.4.1 LTS on your server, creating a default user 'virl' Login into your VIRL system and enter the following commands sudo -s apt-get update apt-get dist-upgrade -y apt-get install -y openssh-server git reboot On reboot, login as virl.

Enter the following commands git clone virl-bootstrap If you have gotten preseed keys please put them both into the preseed_keys directory sudo -s ./You are now presented with a menu. NOTE - if you abort the menu sequence and restart, you MUST re-enter the information into the menu fields once more.

prerequisites: The Network Install requires Internet access.

If you are unable to access the Internet, do NOT use this procedure.

The VIRL software stack requires five physical or virtual network interfaces - eth0, eth1, eth2, eth3 and eth4.

Configuration need only be applied to eth0, as your primary network access interface.

The 'dummy_int' field MUST be set to 'True' DEFAULT l2_port: eth1 MAPPED l2_port: dummy0 DEFAULT l2_port2: eth2 MAPPED l2_port2: dummy1 DEFAULT l3_port: eth1 MAPPED l3_port: dummy2 DEFAULT internalnet_port: eth4 MAPPED internalnet_port: dummy3 DEFAULT dummy_int: False ENABLED dummy_int: True The example above maps four physical interfaces to four dummy interfaces.

Step 1 - Change salt master from salt-master.-- using dhcp on the public port?

-- Static IP, public_network, public_netmask, public_gateway -- ntp_server -- first nameserver -- second nameserver -- l2_network (CIDR format),l2_mask, l2_network_gateway, l2_start_address, l2_end_address, l2_address (address/netmask) -- l2_network2 (CIDR format), l2_mask2, l2_network_gateway2, l2_start_address2, l2_end_address2, l2_address2 (address/netmask) -- l3_network (CIDR format), l3_mask, l3 network gateway, l3_floating_start_address, l3_floating_end_address, l3_address (address/netmask) -- ramdisk -- location region -- guest account -- desktop IF YOU DO NOT HAVE 5 PHYSICAL INTERFACES ON YOUR SERVER...