Are new GPSs now so much better than the Nuvi 255w that it is better to go the buy new route? The reason I am writng this because I had not been able to get my LIFE time updates on my 255w for approx 5 months.

I look where I drive (street signs) and occasionally use Google maps on Samsung with built in GPS, just as a backup for any missing street.

LMT stands for Life Maps and Traffic – so if you buy a such a device you will have free maps for life (life of the satnav ,not yours ).

updating garmin nuvi 255w-34

The Nuvi 255W is part of Garmin's affordable line of GPS devices.

Despite its relatively lower price compared to the company's high-end models, the 255W still manages to include important features such as voice navigation, picture viewing and a built-in battery for portable use.

Following the same steps (choosing continent, region, country) you will get free maps that can be used as soon as you copy them to your satnav.

It works OK but its UK/Europe maps have never been updated. Is it worthwhile paying for a UK/Europe map update for the 255w or buying a new GPS with UK/Europe lifetime updates? Cheers I have just purchased a new nuvi55 and was surprised to find out when I attemted to charge up my new Nuvi 55 with the Garmin charger it informed me that I was to use the charger supplied in the box,so I changed cables and lo behold it worked.

In addition, Garmin continually updates the device's operating software in order to refine your user experience.

However, if you wish to take advantage of these device upgrades, you must download and install the software updates through Garmin's Web Updater program. Hook your Nuvi 255W to your computer using the Nuvi's USB cable. Choose your Nuvi 255W from the device list on Web Updater. Select "Yes" when prompted to download and install the updates to your Nuvi 255W.

Of course they are not perfect , but they are for free, and you can get updates that are not found on official maps.

A similar website were you can get free Garmin maps is Cloudmade .

I also explained how to update Nuvi gps systems with Lifetime Maps in this tutorial .