In machines running 64 bit operating system, updating the machine.config of 32 bit version, will not reflect the changes.

So be careful to update appropriate machine.config based on your operating system. Let me know if you run into any other issues with machine.config and have found solutions no matter how simple(stupid) they may be.

If it so happens then try to debug using the methods mentioned below: If the same key is found in multiple config files then will complain that multiple values exists.

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Updating machine config video

When machine.config is used, sometimes people face problems accessing the machine.config values. Debugging this mystery is time consuming and sometimes even causes release to be rolled back when the code is already deployed and config is the last thing to be applied.

I have faced the problem when accessing the machine.config values and thought of sharing my experiences .

In this example, you will edit the configuration settings associated with the guest virtual machine called guest1.

Running this command will open your default text editor, unless otherwise specified.

Also, please feel free to post me questions if you are stuck with machine.config values not getting picked up.

Our solution is a suite of windows and web services that can all run on one machine or be fully distributed.

In this example you will open the configuration file for guest1 in vi as this is the default.

When you run this command you should you should switch guest 1 with the name of your guest virtual machine.

The syntax looks like this: The clear tag above will remove the previous entries added in the providers section.

Therefore, if your machine.config values are not getting picked up in your application then check the configuration files in the sequence mentioned above to see if clear tag is present. If during development you have 32 bit version and production has 64 bit version windows operating system installed then you will be surprised that your machine.config values are not getting picked.

We need only one piece of config to tie all of these together (it happens to be a Rabbit Mq endpoint but that's not important).