I have procedure number one (again) this coming Monday and will post after each of the three. Jan 20, 2016 PM Hipline wrote: I just had treatment number 2.

Price is a little high but it is likely where I live - 980/per treatment and they recommend a one year follow up with a single treatment. I could tell the difference from number 1 - a little more intense but still quite painless.

I'm looking into this thanks to you all for discussing.

Bosum Blues wrote: Today in the mail I got a notice from my Gyn about a new FDA approved laser.

Apparently it treats vaginal symptoms such as chronic itching, irritation, vag dryness and painful intercourse assoc with estrogen deficiency and vaginal atrophy assoc w menopause and especially useful for bc survivors who cannot use estrogen meds.

Am planning to look into it if side effects of upcoming Arimidex are as reported by sizable number of women. Dec 12, 2015 PM Hipline wrote: I have been absent for a while but am back with a Mona Lisa update.

I did the first treatment and then had to travel during the time for the second treatment so we agreed to postpone and start over.

Treatment is a co2 laser that is designed to rejuvenate and return tissues into a more natural state. Dec 8, 2015 PM Girl53 wrote: Ladies: I have a relative who got BC in her 40s, took Tamoxifen for 5 years, then switched to AI.

Her tissue dryness was so severe, she told me, that it hurt to walk. My wonderful radiation oncologist, who I met for the first time today, told me about Mona Lisa Touch.

My area of Northern Virginia is averaging around 2400. Feb 25, 2016 PM Hipline wrote: hi Davis DI am two treatments in and am happy with the the results.

I will say the results were great after treatment one but six months later (and no benefit of treatments 2 or 3) I have regressed back to the original dryness.

So, six months later I am starting over (no charge for the first treatment since I missed 2 and 3 and the gyno is sympathetic to BC).