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Like many technology entrepreneurs, Jay Samit says he knew oo Voo LLC, a video-chat startup, was poised for growth last year when he heard a group of teenagers use it as a verb.

Partnering with HGS, this client built a state-of-the art customer care center in under two months.

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A good majority of video chatting programs, like Skype, are free to use.

Consultants were provided training on systems and best practices as well as how to best present via video chat (dress code, body language, etc.).

Each consultant also spent two days shadowing experienced sales reps in a dealership to gain a better understanding of both the product and the brand.

As a successful, luxury car brand, this client was looking to extend their brand in Europe and ensure an exemplary customer experience every step of the way.

The customer care center needed to reflect their brand, provide seamless service across multiple channels, and help forge personal, unforgettable connections.

Digi CX subject matter experts also assist with needs analysis, product research, technical and operational implementation, and change management for video chat.

As an interaction platform (featuring multilingual voice, live video chat, text chat, and co-browsing), the video chat system allows the consultant to connect with customers on desktops, tablets, apps, dashboard technologies, and smart phones.

"They were 'oo Vooing' each other," the company's 51-year-old president says. Samit took over the New York-based venture a year ago.

Since then, he has transformed the service, which was...

As social media continues to grow and connected devices become more ubiquitous in everyday life, video chatting is starting to become a primary method of communication.

As such, the market for video chatting applications is booming and with good reason.