The latest version of the software can be installed on PCs running Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, both 32 and 64-bit. Commonly, this program's installer has the following filenames: INFOPATH. When you open Microsoft Office 97-2003 binary file (such as .doc) the file is compared to a binary schema.This download was checked by our built-in antivirus and was rated as safe.

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The Microsoft Office Specialist, delivered by Certiport, is the official industry standard for validating skills and knowledge related to using the Office Suite.

Educational institutions, employers and governments rely on the partnership between Microsoft and Certiport to validate proficiency across Microsoft Office Applications.

Office File Validation can help prevent unknown binary file format attacks against Microsoft Office 97-2003 file formats.

Office File Validation verifies that a particular binary file complies with the application’s expectations.

Office File Validation is used to validate that Binary File Format files conform to the Microsoft Office File Format.

Office File Validation is a security add-in for Office 20.Our website provides a free download of Microsoft Office File Validation Add-In 14.0.5130.5003. If the file fails this validation, you are notified that the document could be considered to be compromised.This free software was originally designed by Microsoft. You may want to check out more software, such as Microsoft Office Live Meeting Add-in Pack, Microsoft Office Binary File Format Validator or Microsoft Office Live Meeting Power Point Add-In, which might be related to Microsoft Office File Validation Add-In. I just read this "Microsoft Office File Validation for Office Article ID: 2501584" ( after seeing win upd try to push me with this new "file validation" gizmo, [I only have PPT for support of a professor friend]. Is this an attempt of Micro Spit to remove from its users [poor basturds (spelling intentional)] the ability to actually be able to open OOo files [conceivably, if you read the registry hack setting choices], let alone, read and/or edit OOo files with .doc, etc. I see this, as, a Micro Spit tactic, to "isolate" or deter opening, valid (OOo) documents from the office user base with scare tactics.I strongly urge all my friends , family and clients to dump MSO in favor of OOo. extensions from within office apps, if OOo files, fail the validation?? Since I am not a programmer and am not "in the loop", will OOo files get by this gizmo? [© microsoft image]Maybe this is a back handed compliment on the proliferation of OOo. I searched this forum for "Microsoft Office File Validation for Office " and "Article ID: 2501584" and found no hits, so if I goofed and this is not a new topic, sorry. I see this as they would have the masses believe as a (faux) security type of file filter, (the file you are trying to open is) not a virus per se, but may be a virus free "ill constructed" file (we say is in a non MS format), we deem unsafe for you, our beloved [but dopey ] user base, to open Created by sources untrusted by us, Micro Spit, so don't open it.