The Bonte cat has arrived in Japan and can’t stop dreaming about sushi. Puzzle, Quick, Point & Click, Quest, Cat'Move in any direction and start your adventure. Fight against evil supervillains or other superheroes and move up the rankings.

Every hero can be a skilled individually, so which combination of strength, stamina, brain and intuition are you going to pursue?

Shooting, Magic'Welcome to Dungeon Punks Web Edition!

In this game you will make decisions that will directly influence the outcome of every hand written event in the game!

Find minions to join you on your adventure in order to save the world as you know it from utter annihilation!

A combination of strategy, tactics and a trio of mini-games about the war between medieval factions(Normans, Vikings, English) in the 1066. During her escape, one of kingdom B's troop stole her precious package. Journey through challenging 25 stages with 5 menacing bosses.

Basically the aim of the game is to defeat your enemy's army by killing of scaring off as many them of possible! An ancient conjurer was summoned to save kingdom A from kingdom B siege. Defeat all enemy waves by efficiently use magic skills.

Web edition features: -Recruit and control four wild mutant heroes -Explore four stunning areas, each with epic boss battles -Learn 16 magic spells -Tag-team fighting: take control of two characters at once!-Shop for tons of weapons and equipment -Blast your enemies senseless with crazy magical spells and custom combo attacks -Tame and ride a wild ostrich Action, Fighting, RPG, Dungeon'Minions, Monsters, and Madness is a story driven strategy/JRPG with DND style events!Contact Us Twitter: @Never Lucky_GS E-Mail: [email protected] Link Puzzle, Platform, Bunny'In the free2play game Hero Zero you strive towards being a superhero!id=655177683Strategy, RPG, Old School, Monster'It’s a new adventure of the Bonte cat! Take on exciting missions in different worlds and train your hero to improve your skills.Control an entire party of heroes in the first ever Tag-Team Beat 'em up RPG.Defeat the bosses or escape each dungeon to keep your party alive, upgrade your heroes, and continue your adventure.