She then slumps down, exhausted, for getting a human to Fairy World alone takes a lot of magic, meaning that he be stuck where he is unless his godparents make up.

Also, Mama Cosma is completely unaware that Cosmo and Wanda are married, but knew they were in a relationship before.

When Cosmo knocks at his mother's door, she is glad that he's no longer with Wanda. But as he is about to make a wish, others fairies gather, though Wanda makes them back off.

In order to get Cosmo back, Wanda must compete against Twinkle and Star in a game show hosted by Cupid, but Cosmo's mama will do anything to ensure that her son doesn't go home with Wanda.

It is the anniversary of both Timmy's real parents, and his fairy godparents.

After Wanda and Cosmo inadvertly get in an argument on their umpteenth anniversary, especially if it's a False-Anger edition, Cosmo returns to his mother, Mama Cosma, in her house in Fairy World.

Mama Cosma, who has always hated Wanda, announces that she has found him two new girlfriends, Star and Twinkle.The two godparents then have a magical brawl, turning each other into different things, such as a hippo or baby.When Timmy accidentally gets turned into a toilet, he wishes for both of them to stop.While the former gain a blindfold and roller skates, the latter (specifically Cosmo) has prepared for their 9895th anniversary by turning Timmy's room into Styrofoam.But when Wanda returns from the meaningless task that Timmy sent her out to do (trying to teach a cat some tricks, only to end up clawed), she is in a seemingly angry mood.He tries to remind them that they love each other and is certain that they'd love each other all over again.