How does Scrappy feel about Bambi dating Benzino before him?

She has been in four celebrity relationships averaging less than one year each.

In her bold quest to find The One, Bambi Smyth went on a man-meeting marathon that involved 75 dates in 81 days across 22 countries – and required her to dine on raw prawn brains and a pig’s penis.

No one could accuse Bambi of not putting herself out there.

Indeed, Bambi went the extra mile – make that 52,794km – to sample a smorgasbord of men aged 21 to 61, including a Scottish bagpiper, Brazilian concierge and Russian billionaire banker.

There were some clangers – like the Rio professor who repeatedly insulted her but still expected sex, and the Dubai businessman who demanded she wear his mother’s all-enveloping blackabayaand walk six paces behind him – but most of the men turned out to be pleasant company.

Middle-aged and unmarried, Bambi Smyth went on an international romance-seeking mission, dating dozens of men across five continents – from a Spanish gigolo to a Vatican City seminarian, and everything in between.

After testing the cultural stereotypes, she tells The Weekly that men the world over all just want the same thing.

They're just blokes, trying to get along, trying to find love, and most of them are pretty decent."By the way, before we go any further, Bambi is her is her actual name.

Says the 55-year-old children’s author and illustrator, "At the end of the day, they all want love – and their cultural differences bring that out in different ways.

I'd had some bad experiences in the past, and I came away – and this sounds awful – but forgiving men.

What does Bambi think about Diamond’s accusations of Scrappy being abusive in their past relationship?

Has Scrappy gotten another woman (Erica P) pregnant?