Although Lauren Conrad revealed that her husband did once see a clip from her on the show, he didn’t watch the series when it aired on MTV and has no interest in educating himself on what she was like several years ago.

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“It’s one of the reasons [Lauren Conrad] held out on doing this tell-all; she didn’t feel like dealing with all the drama,” the source continued.

“But eventually she got a deal she couldn’t refuse. She knows they won’t have a soapbox for long so she’s just waiting this out.” Following the series conclusion of, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt went on to blow through the millions they made on the MTV reality show as Lauren Conrad took a very different route.

, her former co-stars, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, the series’ unofficial villains, were on Twitter ranting about the anniversary special of the series that made them famous.

As for what the successful author and designer thought of her co-stars’ behavior, a source claims Lauren Conrad wasn’t surprised at all by the online attack, nor was she unprepared for what her former best friend, Montag, and her husband, Pratt, had to say.

So, if you just eat tacos and walk dogs, you can pretty much survive on reality television.” special, Lauren Conrad was seen tending to her clothing line, and at one point, her husband, William Tell, was seen sitting in on a design meeting.

As fans heard on the show, Lauren Conrad met Tell on a blind date years ago and in 2014, they tied the knot.and revealed what was really going on behind the scenes, Spencer told fans he would “rather watch paint dry” than watch her show, or shop at Kohl’s, where one of Lauren Conrad’s clothing lines is sold.He even called out Lauren Conrad for being a bigger liar than Taylor Swift.“This is my parents’ rental house that we are property managers of,” Pratt explained during an interview with ‘s Ashley Crossan.“So, I mean, we don’t go buy designer clothes anymore, and buy fancy cars, and go to all the fancy restaurants.In perhaps the most shocking moment of the special, Lauren Conrad revealed Wahler was not sober during their breakup scene at his home.