Unfortunately the Channel One job proved to be more of a bureaucratic drudge, so he began writing the book that became his debut young adult novel, “I can say, honestly, that I did it without any ambition beyond it in mind,” he told me. “I remember walking around LA coffee shops and seeing everyone’s laptops open to screenplays and feeling so pleased that I would be competing with what felt like a smaller pool. I didn’t know anyone in LA doing what I was doing.” Then he found out what even the lowest-paid TV writer makes.

The public defender in Neptune, the fictional town is set in, is named Cliff Mc Cormack, whose surname is lifted from Thomas’s close friend and former bandmate Greg Mc Cormack.

“Today, SXSW is probably the biggest annual event in Austin. I also wrote: “But I’d sign them (feel free to take this out of context in your press kit).” Thomas, a good sport to this day, wrote me a note thanking me for the honest review, and promising they wouldn’t take it out of context. Thomas doesn’t forget the little people When I asked Dan Etheridge, one of Thomas’s longtime producing partners, what made Thomas special as a writer, he admitted that the first thing that came to his mind was actually not an answer to the question. “Looking back on it, that’s such a cool thing,” Majorino told me during production of the movie. So all those years later, when was coming up, and they contacted me, and they said, ‘he’s written this part for you,’ I was like, man, this is so cool.

But in 1987, it was a different beast — a small-ish music festival where about 700 people got to hang out and drink while listening to mediocre local bands. “He’s always so incredibly supportive and nurturing of other people,” said Etheridge. He’s just one of the rare people in Hollywood that means it, when he tells you something.” 7.

And the Wannabes, whose members are friends of Thomas dating back to his time at TCU, turn up in several different ways: an episode was named after their song, “I Am God,” and there are also shout-outs to Kevin Carney and Jennings Crawford.

Even lowly music journalists were not immune to serving as a source of inspiration: during Season Three, there was a character named, ahem, Jason Cohen. Thomas’s band once received a bad review that he loved “I’ve dreamed of headlining the SXSW Festival since it first began in the late eighties,” Thomas wrote in one of his updates to Kickstarter backers earlier this year, announcing the film’s world premiere. To put it in perspective, in one of our review of a set by Hey Zeus when they opened for the Reivers. We said, let’s promise each other that we’re going to work together someday.

Thomas’s decision to feature Austin musicians not only gave those bands some national exposure, but also put some money in their pockets: songwriters would get unexpected royalty payments when their songs were broadcast.

senior editor Michael Hall, whose band the Wild Seeds enjoyed great national and local acclaim during the eighties and was used in Season 2, has said the show resulted in the the biggest check he ever saw as a musician.

For a story set in California, featured lots of Austin music Just because he stopped playing in bands didn’t mean Thomas gave up on the hometown music scene.

The first song played in the pilot is by Liberty Lunch regulars The Wayouts.