Sexual freedom and emancipation of women were seen as part of the struggle against religion, grammar schools, the teaching of Greek and Latin, work uniforms, and the czarist-era Table of Ranks.

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Divorces could be obtained without any problem: It was possible to get a divorce without even informing your spouse.

Even compared to the West, this was a huge number of divorces.

How sexual freedoms gave way to a lack of freedom In the 1920s, the Soviet authorities released the reins on sexual mores.

" I was working then at the Diplomatic Academy and learned the news the next morning in a Greek newspaper.

It had been picked up by newspapers around the world.

The writer Denis Dragunsky reminisces about how Soviet citizens kept their bodies free in a totalitarian state, talks about who had access to pornography, and reveals why people rarely visited prostitutes. It's just that talking about it was considered embarrassing and indecent.

There was always an aura of taboo around sex in the Soviet Union. It is commonly thought that during the Leningrad–Boston perestroika teleconference, one woman said, "We have no sex in the USSR." This is not true.

What she actually said was that there was no sex on television.

Even earlier, back in 1977, Georgi Vasilchenko's book, “Common Sexual Pathologies,”was published, in which he summarized his experiences and described couples he saw in his practice.