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Just download and click u Linksys Cam to view what your camera’s lens see virtually from anywhere with Wi-Fi coverage or even cellular networks.* Main Features▶ Unlimited number of cameras can be configured▶ Directly access to video streams from your camera.

No NVR or 3rd party server is required▶ Manually record video feeds to camera rolls in your photo album▶ Automatically capture images and videos by in-app motion and face detection▶ Pan and Tilt controls with overlay buttons(max 8 directions)▶ Pinch to digitally zoom for any part of the display screen that the user desires▶ Control vertical/horizontal patrol▶ Control Presets at its original center location and predefined up to 8 spots▶ Quickly and easily add new models with reload button▶ Friendly navigate cameras with the variety of portrait and landscape modes▶ Resolution control (QVGA, VGA)▶ Enable or disable Upside down▶ Enable or disable Mirror▶ Enable or disable Invert Pan Tilt▶ Enable or disable Aspect Fit▶ Clone easily camera settings▶ Reorder camera lists▶ Optional cellular network alert notifications▶ Enable or disable Auto-Lock▶ Passcode Lock▶ Compatible with Dynamic DNS services▶ Take snapshots or share via email, Facebook and/or Twitter.* In App Purchase Features (see demo video in Help)▶ Easily view multiple feeds simultaneously on a screen with layout controls (2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 12, 16 views) ▶ Auto sequence multiviews on one screen ▶ Live max 16 video feeds on one screen * Supported Cameras- Common: WVC80N, WVC210, WVC54GCA- PVC300: PVC300- WVC200: WVC200- WVC54G: WVC54G- WVC54G v2: WVC54G v2- WVC54GCA: WVC54GCA* Note that WVC54GC is not supported- Currently supported camera models in this application are not their own manufacturers’ entire line of models and are only models that are viewable through safari browser.* Note- Before you can control your camera(s) remotely over 3G/4G/Edge/other Wi-Fi networks, you need to setup your router to allow incoming traffic.

Noesis is a tool for previewing and converting between hundreds of model, image, and animation formats.

It utilizes a robust plugin system, with support for native extension modules and Python scripts.

We would greatly appreciate it if you could continue to award us the 5 star ratings/reviews. Even someone as inept at these doo-dads as I had my 4 cams from my theater lobby areas set-up in mere minutes.

The folks griping about trouble are probably not installing correctly!

You should read your camera’s setup manual regarding port forwarding.

For more information, please see The response time of PTZ control and multiple cameras view depends on the network and/or your device itself and/or camera capability which may cause a little bit of delay in feedback- Simultaneously continuous capturing both videos and images may cause increased video frame delays.

The plugin/script API features hundreds of functions and interfaces which assist in developing new formats, tools, and visualization aids.

Noesis also features processing, conversion, and visualization options for many different types of volume data, including medical imaging formats such as Analyze 7.5, Nif TI-1, and DICOM.