“The report said the object was blue and yellow and silvery.I just thought, ‘Aw naw’ because that was the colour of Billy’s remote control shark and it went missing round about the time of the incident. It cost about £15 from Argos but the shark was big and would probably look bigger in the sky.The pilot of the aircraft said the risk of collision with the object, which did not show up on radar, had been “high”.

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Not sure what to make of this sighting, however for now it is definately a UFO (it would help if we knew what type of radar was being used though-i believe there is both primary and secondary radar).

Hope certain media do not try to hype this up too much, but i will not be holding my breath.

We’d just had it re-filled with helium before this incident happened.

Around the same time, little Billy Orsmond lost grip of his prized 6ft-long helium-filled shark toy and watched it fly into the air, never to be seen again.

Billy’s dad, James, 25, of Baillieston, said last night: “I saw the Record story and just about fell over.

A passenger aircraft had a narrow miss with an unidentified object over Glasgow, a report has revealed.The Airbus A320 was making its final approach to Glasgow Airport on 2 December when an object passed about 300ft underneath it.Also from au it mentions Airbus comes close to crashing with ufo over Glasgow .the Sun has Passenger plane seconds away from collision with UFO .says Passenger plane involved in near miss with UFO near glasgow airport .There are quite a few reports from the media worldwide about this event, which took place on 2nd December 2012, many of which are just repeating the same information.